The Voyager’s Golden Record

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

We all have heard of the story that the Voyager Spacecraft, launched on 1977 had a Golden disc inside containing both encoded sounds and images of Earth, in case of an alien encounter they would learn about our existence and culture.  Although personally I think it was a very lame idea, and a waste of taxpayers money, I do find very exciting to know what actually was contained in those discs…


The Natural Pedicure

OK, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do the beauty routine thing. I’m more kind of a natural girl. I wear makeup very seldomly and doing my nails is something I do myself… (When I do, My poor, poor husband!)

And pedicures, HA! Never! The only way I ever get a pedicure is when my mother offers and does my toe nails for me (I love you mommy!).

So, maybe this is the answer for me? I may just need to… Get a new pet?

The Natural Pedicure

The Natural Pedicure

Or maybe at least 10 pets? Interesting concept… Animals nibbling on your dead skin. How fun… I think.

And they say it tickles. Oh, really?

Read the story here: CNN

Rush Plays Rock Band

Have I told you I love Rock Band?

Now you know.

Also, view this video here: Comedy Central

Christian the Lion

Many of you may have seen this already. I saw it today and just had to share.

It’s beautiful and super corny!

Cake Wrecks: The Anti-Wedding Cake

If I made a poll, chances are every single man in the world would consider this the perfect wedding cake. It is awesome!

Make sure you visit the Cake Wrecks site to see more horrible cakes. Beware, as some can be offensive.


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