The Robot was here!

Yes, I’m sooo happy that my robot was here. It means I can finally come clean. Just blurt out the truth so all of the world knows…
I LOVE Robots!

Yes, I love robots. Not only that. I’m IN LOVE with a robot. And, the robot loves me! He actually made a visit to my blog and made it pretty! I love it! (If you haven’t met him, well, meet my Husband!)

I guess I’m into robots. I love the Roomba and the Scooba, I love my killer robot, and I also LOVE Wall-e! It’s a wonderful movie with many positive messages and an interesting commentary on what the world could be. If we keep messing it up. It was refreshing and also, incredibly beautiful.

Wall-e and Eve!

A love story with robots. How perfect is that?!


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