The Voyager’s Golden Record

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

We all have heard of the story that the Voyager Spacecraft, launched on 1977 had a Golden disc inside containing both encoded sounds and images of Earth, in case of an alien encounter they would learn about our existence and culture.  Although personally I think it was a very lame idea, and a waste of taxpayers money, I do find very exciting to know what actually was contained in those discs…

Also, worth noticing: In case Aliens plan to use the disc as an exact map on how and where to strike and wipe humanity, I can proudly say that my small island of Puerto Rico will be along the places to evaporate, as we won a spot on one of the 116 images sent.

On another side note, the Sounds of Earth are EERIE!!! If I were an Alien and heard that track I would $@# in my pants and assemble the largest army to defend ourselves.  Those are SPOOKY SOUNDS even for an habitant of this planet.

Go check the site, it is an interesting place to learn of our Space Exploration program…


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