Guilty pleasures

So, I was twitting (is that even a word?) today. (I just joined Twitter last night) And I realized how I keep joining these social networking sites and, well, I can’t even keep up with my own blog! Then I thought about what my reason was for joining Twitter…

Well, I joined Twitter because I found out that two of my favorite Artists are on Twitter! And I spent a long while reading through their updates. They were fun! And even informative. So, I realized that I actually had some things I could come back and share on my blog.

Yes, if you’ve kept up with me so far, thanks! I am a rambling mess right now!

So, my blog is about my guilty pleasures. What are the things that keep me from blogging?! From keeping up with my friends on Facebook? From having a normal life?

Well, for one thing, I’ve been a moody person for a while. That keeps me pretty anti-social. But. There are some things that keep me company during those down times. And here are a few, in no particular order, because I love them ALL!

1. Reading – This topic will have to be discussed in a separate blog. I always loved to read, but I hadn’t actively read in years. Then, Twilight came into my life. Thanks to some pretty wonderful friends from The Nest who were already hooked (pmarie, Nikki, and so many others, you know who you are!). Reading (as shared in a previous post) has been a lifesaver for me. It has helped me cope through so much of the pain… So, I will share some of my favorite book finds in a later blog. I joined goodreads in order to keep track of what I read. I like it so far!

2. The Office – Wow, this is a wonderfully written show with so many incredible characters. I am addicted and watch episodes over and over again on DVR. I got into the show very late. But I love it now, LOVE it! I am definitely a dunderhead! Due to my love of the office, I started looking for info on my favorite stars:

  • That’s how I found (and have been following) Jenna Fischer on Myspace. She seems to be such a nice person! I love reading her blog. And that’s how I found…
  • My first reason for joining Twitter… Rainn Wilson! The real Rainn Wilson has a Twitter page, and he’s hilarious!
  • Also through Jenna Fischer’s myspace I found: Angela Kinsey’s Myspace she plays Angela Martin. She’s also very sweet and blogs every once in a while.

Yes, of course, I’m addicted as you can tell. And I’m one of those people. But I love it!

If you’re a fan of The Office or just want to see a really cute, funny, geeky video… Check this you tube video out!

3. Cakewrecks – I check this blog daily! I absolutely love it. My husband turned me onto it many months ago and I just can’t keep away. Professional cakes gone wrong. Who wouldn’t love that! Oh, and since I’m writing this on a Sunday. They have a Sunday Sweets feature. Today it’s 80’s themed. 80’s themed cakewrecks! Perfect for me!

4.The Guild – I’m watching a web series! Thanks again to my husband, we’ve been watching this through XBox Live. I absolutely love it! It’s funny, it’s sweet, and the first web series I’ve ever watched. Through The Guild came my second reason for joining Twitter. Felicia Day is a wonderful actress and is the creator of The Guild. I was looking for information about a recent episode of House she was on, when I found her homepage. This is also a great interview with Felicia about the Guild on Gamingnexus. Yes, as I’ve said, I’ve become one of those people and I can’t stop!

5.Fanfiction – My love of all things twilight continues. Yes, it’s true. I am in LOVE with the fanfiction sites. Most of my most beloved stories from the site are more… How do you say… Mature in nature… LOL So, I’ll just tell you I love searching through them and finding out how people build from the characters we loved in the book. (It’s also filled with an amazing comunity of fans). (YES, I’m aware of the fact that I’ve become That girl! LOL)

6. Audiobooks – Expanding on my love of reading, I am in love with audiobooks! Although, so far, I have loved the idea of listening to a book I’ve already read. In the future, I may try some new titles, but for now, I like the idea of listening to books I’ve read. It gives a different insight, and it is truly a whole new way of experiencing books. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend it. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’ve got about a 1 hr commute to work and my 80’s music filled ipod is getting some rest!

There is MUCH more for me to share. I’m hoping that I can keep up my blogging for a while. I’ve got to make some changes, and this is a good way to start. Check out some of my guilty pleasures! I’m sure you will be able to enjoy at least ONE of them!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. t.bird
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 13:17:47

    i suck for not knowing you had a blog 😦
    but i LOVE YOU for finding that RUG!
    i’m going to e-mail her on the hole- woot!


  2. Melissa
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 16:29:48

    Hi Mari,

    I wanted to say thank you so so so much for your wonderful comment you made on my blog reference to the anonymous person who attacked me about not being able to afford my kids! =) I meant ALOT to me!! MElissa


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