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It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

I wanted to share this website, please watch the video. It’s very touching and oh, so very real.


Just a short Monday Post… (I think, LOL)

I have not been shy about sharing my love for all things Twilight on more than one occasion. Now if you’ve seen my twitter feed or facebook, you KNOW I also absolutely LOVE Cakewrecks.

Today, Jen has made my life complete! (Yes, I’m 34, I know, I seem like I’m 12)

Today’s wreck?! A Twilight Wreck!!! It is perfection! LOL.

For those of you that have been under a rock for the past year, Twilight is a Young Adult Vampire Romance by Stephenie Meyer.

As Jen, on cakewrecks, so gracefully shared… This is the Twilight Book Cover:

Have I told you lately that I love Twilight?!

Have I told you lately that I love Twilight?!

And this is the cake wreck… SO awesome! LOL

Oh, the wreckyness!

Oh, the wreckyness!

Please visit Cakewrecks, Jen’s Commentary on this is outstanding and oh, so funny! I visit her blog a FEW times a day, to see her daily posts as well as the comments, they are hilarious!


The world largest Cheetos meet the world’s most expensive keyboard

cheetosOK, this video is amazingly fun and sick.  And gross.  Take a look at the world’s largest Cheetos being eaten over the world’s most expensive keyboard: the Optimus Maximus, which costs $1589.99…  Seems the experience is something never to forget.

Link: The World’s Largest Cheetos

Puerto Rico Airshow – US Airforce Thunderbirds!

Yesterday, I had the incredible experience of attending my first Air Show. I learned so many things from this experience!!!

First: If you’re going to an Air Show in Puerto Rico, wear proper sun protection. And Reapply!(OUCH!)

Second: Bring one of those annoying folding chairs. There is nowhere to sit, of course unless you want to sit on the very very very hot pavement…

Third: Bring a blanket.

Fourth: Bring lots of change and buy lots of water (even though it will get hot within 3 seconds of purchase.

Fifth: Get ready to spend over an hour in a traffic jam to go in. Park so far away that you could have probably walked there from the nearest mall… And get ready for it to take up to 3 hours to get out of there.

And finally, and most important of all. Air Shows RULE! Even with the heat, the sun, the standing for hours, the very hot drinking water, and getting claustrophobic when surrounded by more than two people (I’m sure for a while there I was suffering from some sort of heat stroke)… It was all WORTH IT! And I would go back tomorrow in a heartbeat.

It was amazing, awe-inspiring and at times, even kind of emotional for me. Every part of the show was amazing. I am probably the dumbest person when it comes to airplanes, I must say. Still, not being able to name (even ONE of the) planes I saw did not deter from my experience. I absolutely loved it. The whole show was artistic, inspiring and definitely worth the hassle of getting there.

My husband (my robot!) took some amazing pictures and put together a video of the experience. Check them out! I LOVE them!

If you want to see the high resolution pictures. Click here!

Click to visit the Air Show Album

Click to visit the Air Show Album

Check Out the Video, I love it!

Beautiful, Wonderful, No words!!!

Most of you have probably seen this, but I want to have it here, I want to keep it forever!

It’s so wonderful to hear Susan Boyle sing! She is incredibly talented.

Embedding has been disabled, but please double click if you haven’t seen it to go directly to youtube to see it. I guarantee that it’s worth it. If your heart isn’t warmed by this amazing performance, then I must say, you don’t have a heart.

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