New Moon – First official trailer!!!

This just rocks! I love it! I can’t wait for the movie!

I hate to say this already, but it looks kind of perfect.

(Was that animated and excited enough?! LOL!)

Wordtrix is available on the iTunes Store!

The game is out!!! Visit my robot’s site for more information. I’m so excited for him!

This is his description of the game:

WordTrix is an Action Word-Puzzle game, combining elements of classics like Tetris, Scrabble and Crosswords to make a challenging yet accesible title.


Get it here!

New Moon – Spoilerish pics…

Oh, wow, Have I told you lately how much I love Twilight?! Nah, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it enough 😀

So, let me share some Spoiler Pics from the Reunion Scene in New Moon. Sigh.

Absolutely Scrumptious Edward...

Absolutely Scrumptious Edward...

I can’t believe that RP is winning me over. I always kind of hated him as Edward. There may be redemption yet!

Go to Laineygossip and Splash News Online for more pictures. The scene looks good!

Sigh. Again.

Edited to add…

Wordtrix for Iphone – Sneak Preview!

My robot has put together a sneak preview video for his new Iphone game.

If you have an Iphone, take a minute to watch the video! (If you don’t have an Iphone, then you should! LOL)

The game will be coming soon to the App store, so watch for it!

Sisterhood Award

Nikki has nominated me for a Sisterhood Award.

To Nikki: thank you, I feel very happy to have e-friends such as yourself. You are an inspiration and I thank you for nominating me.

Sisterhood Award

Here are the guidelines for this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.
3. Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog.
4. Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

I have a very extensive list of blogs that I visit (you can see most of the links on my Elsewhere blog roll). I am sure that I visit a few more that are not on the list! So, I will try to narrow this down… 🙂

1. Nikki (It doesn’t say anywhere that I can’t nominate you back!)

2. Buena (I truly enjoy reading your blog, you certainly qualify for a sisterhood award)

3. Dr.L (Love her pics, love her attitude, love her blog)

4. Laura (Oh, she’s awesome, and she’s got the cutest baby twins!)

5. T.bird (She loves God and she loves food, how could I NOT love her blog?! 🙂

6. Lari (Again, I love her attitude, and I love when her husband blogs too!)

7. Pmarie (Amazing and wonderful person. She brought me out of my shell, in a way)

8. Yetysu (Her blog is a bit different, all about her dark writing side, but I love it and I love correcting her grammar and bouncing ideas off of her. She’s my BF and she THOUGHT I wouldn’t nominate her, but I must)

9. Chrys (I love reading her blog. She’s informative, she’s smart, and she’s very caring. Chrys also helped me feel like I belonged, and I will be forever grateful)

So, that’s my 9. I didn’t get to 10, but there are many more in my blog list, a lot more people that deserve to be nominated, so visit the blogs on my list, will ya?!

I just wet my pants…

Ico for the PS2 System, is probably the best game ever conceived my mankind.  Is has also been the only game ever to make me cry.  It was beautiful, very elegantly build and with a great storyline.

Today, I see this.  And I am in awe.  I am a PS3 hater, but for this single game, I am willing to adopt that hideous George Foreman wannabe machine.

Watch the video, and have some dignity and watch it in HD (click the HD button on the player and enter full screen; stand up and put your hand in your heart and sing the national anthem of Japan while watching)

Article found here.

Official New Moon Movie Poster

Yes, it has started again, the countdown to the New Moon movie is ON!

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the newly released poster.

For more information, visit Newmoonmovie

New Moon Poster

You know what I’ll be doing November 19! (the benefits of living in PR – and having an awesome BF who will buy the tickets for me – RIGHT, Z?!)

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