It’s that time again…

I shared this last year… It’s time again…

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW).

I wanted to share this website, please watch the video. It’s very touching and oh, so very real. Again, just watch the video…

And, I’ll just add this video, again, for good measure.

Our mini-vacation. Day One.

I’m so glad to finally be feeling better. The flu/cold/whatever that was I had really put a damper on all my enjoyment of the post vacation bliss! πŸ™‚

We could probably rename my whole vacation as “Be jealous of my awesome husband days”. Because, really, for the next couple of posts, you’ll feel like vomiting from the amount of times I’ll be forced to say that I have the most amazing husband EVER. So, be warned. But, I really want to share the story of our couple of days. If only to have it written down. Because, for those couple of days, I felt incredible. Just incredible…

Day one was amazing. Especially because it was the first day of a vacation I didn’t know I was going to have. So, let’s start from the beginning. BEFORE, day one.

In order to go to the Guns N’ Roses concert, I had requested to change to the first shift on concert day. This meant that I’d go in on Wednesday on the second shift. Get home late and then get up early to go to work on Thursday. This is never really ideal, but, quite worth it on such occasions. So, I got home late on Wednesday night and was pleasantly surprised when my husband offered to take me to work on Thursday. I have an about 45-55 minute commute, so I was planning on getting to work SUPER early, so that I could leave early and come home to pick up my husband before heading back to the over an hour and a half drive to the concert… But, with him taking me, it would just be him picking me up on the way to the concert. MUCH better. Plus, I love having him take me. Just being with him in the car and talking the whole way makes my day brighter.

Of course, I was SUPER excited Wednesday night, which meant I went to bed even later. I still got up early Thursday, and made breakfast for the hubs and I. While we were having breakfast, he said, “Oh, yeah, and don’t forget to pack a bag”… Hmmm? What?!

Yes, he was surprising me, yet again. So, of course, I got giddy. And started to question him. Which got me NO useful information! He picked out a few shirts to take and I asked him what I should take. He said, well, look… I have this for tomorrow morning, something dressier for tomorrow night and just this for Saturday. HUH?! yes, that’s when I found out we’d be away for THREE whole days. Yes. Sigh. Amazing. So… I packed. Fast! And we left.

Work was a blur. I got everything I needed to done, while still being excited every second of that day. Yes, I’m like the equivalent of a five year old. Butterflies in the stomach and everything. πŸ™‚

My husband picked me up when the day was done, and we headed off. We talked, we laughed, we shared like one and a half chocolate chip cookies.

We got to our little hotel to check in. It was beautiful! It’s called At Wind Chimes Inn and it’s in Condado. It was beautiful and just perfect. Like a little oasis in the city. Gorgeous. We only lingered there for a bit, enough to freshen up and change and leave for the concert.

While we were in traffic going in to the concert, I laughed sooo much. My robot was making fun of me, and talking about our concert and our day. It was just bliss. We watched the fans coming in… Everyone was wearing all black. Except for who, you may ask? Well, me of course! What was I wearing?

A pastel purple MTV t-shirt with flowers. and my denim jacket. SUCH a hard core rocker!Β  πŸ™‚ My husband had a blast laughing at me. I felt awesome.

The gates at the stadium didn’t open until about an hour and a half later than stated on the tickets. Thankfully, everyone was calm, and the people watching was excellent! Truly, seeing anything from elementary and middle school kids (I tried not to judge, but come on!) to middle aged fans was really interesting. All ages were represented. And, surprisingly, the environment was quite cordial and positively charged.

It took FOREVER to get in. There were three different lines. One for men, one for women, one for women with purses. And since you didn’t realize what line you were on until you got to the front, it made for some interesting encounters!

We got in easily enough and went to our seats. This is what we saw…

I’ve been a fan forever, but never a concert goer. I saw concerts on TV. This night changed all that. There were 5 screens. And a huge stage. And pyrotechnics and explosions. And I was hooked! Wow. Awesome.

While waiting, we shared some slightly disgusting greasy mini donuts. They weren’t that bad. especially considering we didn’t really eat anything except a shared one and a half chocolate chip cookie after lunch.

After about an hour to an hour and a half of being seated, the first band started playing. Puya. A local band I’d heard of, but didn’t know. This is THE song of theirs I kind of liked…(Not my video)

They were just. Meh. I guess they’re just not my style. They were great musicians, though…

Then came Sebastian Bach. I can’t say enough about this part of the show. It was wonderful. His band played for over an hour, and he kept the crowd entertained. He’s an awesome showman. My husband and I just want to go on tour with him and keep his mic cables straight… πŸ™‚ Anyway. I loved all of the songs he sang, loved him trying to speak in Spanish,Β  and it made the wait for GnR SO much easier. I’m sooo glad he was there. PLUS, him coming back on stage to sing My Michelle with Guns N Roses was fabulous.

Then, came the main act. It was surreal. I think my husband lost me for a couple of hours during that time. I screamed like crazy, sang at the top of my lungs and just danced and screamed and yelped for well over two hours. It was spectacular. Wonderful music, incredible visual effects and just. Wow. I was in awe. After so many years of waiting, I was there! They DID sing every song I wanted them to (Ok, almost) which is amazing. Axl was as obnoxiously adorable as ever πŸ™‚ And the band sounded incredible! What a great group of musicians! Truly a show to see. Now… the pics above are mine (as you can tell…) But, since I didn’t get video… Here are some from people who did… πŸ™‚

So… Did I get carried away? Maybe? I don’t care. If you’re a fan… Look at the videos. They rock. If you’re not, well, you’re missing out and thank you for reading so far… πŸ™‚

The concert ended after 3 am. On Friday morning. And it was WORTH it. I’m glad I took a vacation day that Friday, because I wouldn’t have left early from the concert (as many HAD to do) and I’d have been dead on my feet at work. I’m also happy that my husband surprised me with the hotel stay. Having to deal with leaving-the-concert-traffic and then a one and a half hour ride home at four AM would not have been good! We were just a few minutes away at our nice cozy inn… And I LOVED it.

Can you BELIEVE that that was JUST day one of my vacation?

It was lovely, it was beautiful. And, yes, my husband rocks. Ok, Axl Rocks too. Like FOR REAL! πŸ™‚

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you…

The new Eclipse Trailer!

Let’s see how long this link stays up, still, let’s watch and sigh, ok?

I’ve been sick, so the uberly romantic sappy story of my mini-vacation has been delayed. Don’t worry, it’ll be up soon…

Now, Watch! I updated the link… πŸ™‚

Coming soon…

The story of my mini vacation….

So much to say!

Let’s give you an abridged version of what to expect…

Concert, awesome husband, Gorgeous Inn, awesome husband, Theater, awesome husband, Hair Salon, awesome husband, Great Lunch, Awesome Husband, GIFTS!, Awesome Husband, Movie, Awesome Husband.

Yes, that about sums it up quite nicely… No?

How about, IncredibleIcan’tbelieveit’smepictures, AWESOME HUSBAND?!

That enough for you?!

No more sneaky peeks! All three of you will just have to wait… πŸ™‚


Today is Guns N’ Roses day!!! Yes!

Not only that, but my husband surprised me by telling me to “pack a bag” with enough clothes for a couple of days. So, mini-vacation for us!

Score! Have I told you lately that I love that man?! What? I haven’t? Well, I do. Like a lot. πŸ˜€

I’m happy and excited and I’ll be sure to get back to tell all 3 of you (YES! there were three comments, there WERE 3 of you, Wooohooo!) how it all went.

My husband is not only thoughtful and smart and handsome, he’s also very talented. Just look at what he did yesterday just because he was bored for a couple of minutes…

It's the Puerto Rico Capitol Building...

Isn’t it lovely? πŸ˜‰ He’s the best.


So, what am I updating? I mean, I don’t regularly blog, but, yes, there are still updates.

  1. For those of you that didn’t know, I’m dieting… I’ve been on a diet for weeks now… Since the end of February actually. I’m feeling great, and actually losing weight. And so that you all can say Sheesh if you look like that now, what did you look like 19 pounds ago?! Here’s a pic of me after I weighed myself and realized I’mΒ  down 19 pounds! Like, Yay! (Eeewwww, did I really have to make THAT face?!)
  2. But, moving on… I’ve been cheating on my diet. Constantly. As in every single weekend. And I do it on purpose. I want this to be a life change, so it’s a give and take, and my husband rocks for support… So… When I started this diet along with some friends at work, we agreed to have a few International Diet Break Days – I know, we are awesome, please do not steal our trademark… jajaja… Our first one was a few weeks ago… And, to stay true to the name, we ate, and ate and ate.. Like this…And yet still managed – with the long weekend and all, to not gain back weight! Yay!
  3. I get to see Axl, I mean Guns n Roses, this week. Can’t wait!!! I’ve been on a GnR kick (obviously) and the fact that Sebastian Bach is joining him is kind of like icing on the cake. As I’ve said before, 12 year old me is EXCITED! My poor, poor husband!
  4. I’ve renewed my love of Twitter. Yes, I have… It’s not only Twilight Fanfiction and quotes anymore. -Sigh- I’m actually -gasp- interacting via 140 character messages. And.I.couldn’ It’s good to see, that amongst all the crap and hurt out there, there are good (albeit crazy, cooky, fun, imaginary friend having), decent people willing to share with someone who they don’t really know and make their day that bit much brighter. *tear*
  5. Tension’s still there. Stress is too. But one day at a time, right? Making changes is not something that happens overnight. And, I’ve failed enough times to know that the worse thing you can do is give in and cry.
  6. Oh, and I need to update my blog roll… I’m following so many new wonderful blogs…

So, that’s it for now… No more updates… Oh, and I didn’t win any of the blog contests I’ve entered. Poo! πŸ™‚Β  It’s not like I can tell my husband to go out and buy me any of the stuff… After all, he is AWESOME and all… See?

MY as in MY, yes MY iPad!

He surprised me with an iPad. There are NONE in Puerto Rico, like Zero, Zip, NONE, so what did he do? He got me one from the States… And he payed to Express ship it so I’d have it by Saturday. No, you can’t have my husband. I am keeping him.To.myself.

And my iPad, oh, she’s lovely… As soon as I get her a pretty case, she’ll be going out in public often. Until then, she’s on house arrest, unless I’m going out with my husband. πŸ™‚

See that? I made it!

Sometimes it is apparent that all I seem to do is whine and complain with a side of trying (unsuccessfully) to be grateful.

But, some days, the planets align, the skies clear, the sun shines and a light breeze flows and you just… Breathe. In. Out. In. Out. Yes. Breathe.

Try it sometime, it is amazing how little we breathe. We just breathe enough to keep the minimum necessary amount of oxygen in our bodies. We run our bodies on empty. ALL.THE.TIME. Try it, try that deep cleansing breath.

OUCH! Right? Right? It HURTS to take a deep cleansing breath. It’s so wrong. Yet, so true.

Well, I’ve had a couple of days (in a row!) that felt like those deep cleansing breaths. They were wonderful. They were painful. They were scary. They were awesome! Sign me up for some more deep breaths, PLEASE!

I’ll bear with the pain. I’m kind of used to pain by now. So, switching it up to a pain that signifies being alive, well, maybe that’s what the doctor ordered.

I’ve spent a few days just being. Reading other people’s blogs, actually *crying* for people that I’ve never met, having conversations (via 140 characters!) with people I’ll probably never meet… And just breathing.

I have much to be thankful for. Even though sometimes I just keep concentrating on the things I don’t have. The things I want and dream of. I still have a LOT to be thankful for. Today, I’m thankful for new e-friends, blogs that make me cry and giggle, 16 pounds lost already (woot!) and hope.

And, who could ever forget, how much I love to… COOK!

You know what I refer to in the title of this post? This!

Pumpkin roll with Cream Cheese Icing

I only got THIS picture, because I was TOO excited. I made two pumpkin rolls. They got eaten up! (I only got this picture because my sweet husband took it, I didn’t get ANY!)

I was so proud! Yay!

So, today, I breathe. Rejoice in the technology that brings us closer together while still allowing me to be totally antisocial…

And count the days until I get my iPad.




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