Stepping Out Saturday #2!

Dress: Old Navy

Awesome Shoes: Groove? (Gift from my husband!)

Earrings, ring, necklace: Guess

Ok, so… Mandy did a tiny bit of cheating in her S.O.S. post for this week. So, even though I did step out this Saturday (and Thursday and Friday and Sunday – yes, busy!) I thought I’d do a little cheating of my own. We’ve been busy, and all pics are on my husband’s camera. Maybe later this week I’ll write a little post about all of that.

This picture was taken by my husband during our little getaway for our nine year anniversary this past July. We had such an incredible time! He always manages to make me look good too. 🙂

Now, head on over to Mandy’s for a little S.O.S. fun!

Wordless Wednesday

Stepping Out Saturday!

Finally!!! I actually have a picture to share for Stepping out. (Click HERE to find out about Stepping Out)

Of course, I stepped out on Saturday, but will be posting on… Sunday! Yes…

So, Stepping Out Saturday was started by the always lovely Mandy from Harper’s Happenings. That’s a combo of one of my favorite e-people and one of my favorite blogs. But I digress…

So, this Saturday, my husband and I went on a day trip to meet up with his sister and her family. We had a LOVELY day. Lots of laughs, mini golf, BBQ lunch (YUM), lighthouse at sunset and then we ended the evening with coffee (pumpkin spice latte for me, gingerbread latte for him) and a shared chocolate covered Bavarian doughnut.

So, all in all a lovely therapeutic day.

And , of course, what I’m wearing!
Top- Old Navy
Jeans- Levi’s
Purse- Roxy!!!

Now, let’s see if my blogging therapy keeps helping. 🙂

Just a Friday

Weird saying “Just a Friday” when I’m writing this on a Saturday. But the picture was taken on Friday, so that’s why.

It’s kind of hard to write sometimes. So much is going on and yet, nothing’s really happening.

A picture is simpler, and it captures happy and interesting snippets so much better than I can describe them.

Now? I’m off with the husband. “Paseo” therapy. Just cruising around.

I hope you have a great day and a happy weekend. I’ll be around.


Is this something like Wordless Tuesday? Well, close to it.

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