Favorite things, November something something edition…

A while back, one of my favorite blogs had a Favorite Things post… I’m all about mommy bloggers and The Heir to Blair is one of my many, many favorites. Because of my ADD, not only did it take me THIS long to get to it, but I also got kind of antsy in the making and decided to chop my list to four. It was not hard to figure out which four to pick, though…

This is just a little post about things. Let me show you…

It says a lot about me that all four of these things were basically gifts from my husband. 🙂 no, ladies, you can’t have him!

Now on to the things!!!

1. My pink sandals. As my BFF would say, in many ways, I’m a girly girl. So, give me a pretty pair of shoes and I’ll be happy. These gorgeous sandals were an anniversary gift this past July (9 years!!!) and I was afraid of them! The floor and I are BFF’s since childhood! So, I saw those pretty high platform sandals and gasped. But, they are sooo pretty!!! So, I braved on… And although I’m sure I walked very awkwardly those first few times (and who am I kidding, every time I wear them after that) I haven’t fallen on my ass once! Now that’s a victory! And not only that, but they were picked for me by my love, are extremely comfortable and they make my feet look uber cute. So? Win, win, win!!!

(why did I hit publish instead of save? I’m a neanderthal, really!)

2. My Blue Man Group calendar!!! This was probably our favorite Vegas show last year. And since I still listen to their music on my iPhone, I’m sure we’ll go back when we have the chance. Well, the calendar was a Christmas present :). And, honestly, it was a life saver kind of thing. To say this year has been rough is an understatement. Having that bit of blue happiness to remind me of better times has made long arduous days a little bit brighter. (have I told you I love my husband?)

3. My iPad. My iPad is a winner. Not only has it almost taken the place of my mini (which I still love) but it allows me my computer/reading/Twittering/playing time while still being with my husband. I love my iPad with unequaled passion. It is pretty but it’s also convenient, easy to use and carry and sooo versatile. Yep, I’m in love.

3B. Oh! And my Alice(Twilight!) bookmark! How could I forget my bookmark! Even though I rarely read a normal book anymore, my bookmark is always in my iPad cover. Not only is it Alice, and, hello!? You know I love Twilight, but it was given to me by my BFF. Now, that is a win win win combo right there! Isn’t she pretty? 😉

4. My Roxy Ruffled Up purse!!! Omygosh, this purse is perfect! The perfect size, soft, pretty and so light! I want to keep it forever! Plus, it was a just because gift from my husband. Now, who can argue with that? I told you, he is the bestest.

So, that’s it! My favorite things with a tiny bit of commentary. 🙂

I think I may like this blogging thing again. 🙂


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