My favorite part about writing

Today’s post will be brief and a bit lifeless, I’m afraid.

I’m rushed and I am late and I am forcing myself because if I don’t start I just won’t do this.

But, yet, I must write. Because my favorite part about writing is how selfish it feels to me. Normally, I spend my days willing myself to give up the very selfish parts of me. Because they make me feel unworthy.

With writing? It’s me and I let it be so. It’s selfish and I let it fly. It feels good and safe and it makes me feel like me.

I find myself fighting with my self censor. Censorship is a part of who I am. I just wish it wasn’t present while I wrote.

But, this isn’t about censorship. It’s about writing. And I love writing. Even if it doesn’t flow like I would like it too.

Sigh. Let’s work on my negativity. Shall we?

Maybe tomorrow.

NaBloPoMo 2011


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