November 1st


I won’t even try the apologetic introductions. I keep saying no one reads this, but truly, those that do, don’t care for an apology.

So, therapy. I’m here.

I’ve been thinking a lot. And stewing. And stressing. And being annoyed. And then drowning in a sea of self doubt and indecision.

Being annoyed is so unattractive and unsettling. Specially when you always get annoyed at the same things and then do absolutely nothing about it.

Something as simple as telling someone to mind their own business seems so daunting and scary.

So, you sit and stew and continue to be annoyed while people just go on being their judgmental selves, completely unaware.

And. Breathe!

I can’t change others. But I can work on myself and work on controlling my reactions to them.

It is HARD. I’ve been semi successful before, but it’s taken time and hard work. But, I will try again. If only for my sanity.

I will try to make the next few posts a lot more positive. I just needed to get the fuzz out tonight.


I’m here.



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