About respecting the turkey…

Our office Christmas Tree... In November...


I am eating a Christmas tree shaped cookie with colored round sprinkles that screams Christmas.

 I am sitting on the other side of that tree you saw right there. (Can you see my Panda calendar?! Hello, Janine!)

 I helped decorate said tree. (The reason why you cannot see the top or bottom of the tree is because it’s missing its topper and skirt still)

 I will respect the turkey in my own home.

 But, at work? This may be our last Christmas together. Who am I kidding? This IS our last Christmas together. So, this year, I will forgive the people who want to extend the Christmas spirit and Christmas cheer one more month.

 Our days here are numbered. We all don’t know our numbers, but they’re already written somewhere.

 That little bit of Christmas? It makes us smile and makes us sing. And? It makes us enjoy each moment just a little bit more.

 So, this time, I will ask Mr.Turkeyto forgive me. Because, come thanksgiving day, I will be thankful for this time with our tree and the Christmas cookies that came too soon. And come next year? My list of things to be thankful for will not include our tree and cookies.


NaBloPoMo 2011


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