Monday, Monday…

Yes, that's my freaky hand. No, you can't have hands as beautiful as mine.

Today, I’ll be using a prompt from the NaBloPoMo recommendations.

It’s hard enough writing everyday for a noncreative person like me. But, add to that the fact that I’m kind of on cloud nine after buying a car I dreamed of and after a wonderful weekend with family, friends and my husband and my brain is fried.

Instead of having those happy things be inspiration, they fill my head with thoughts of butterflies and flowers and unicorns and rainbows and no coherent words come out.

The prompt is: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I know I’m in the minority here. I enjoy writing, even though I’m not creative and I’m not really good at it. However, I prefer writing on a keyboard rather than with pen and paper. The writing process is a very hard one for me, I hit that backspace button many more times than I’d care to admit. If I were to use pen and paper? Knowing me? I’d give up!

It would be a mess of ink and paper, not pretty and not understandable.

The computer allows me the advantages of not only backspacing, but undoing my deletes and rechecking my edits when I change my mind. It’s magical. Plus? I get to turn on spell check and make sure that I don’t make too many horrible mistakes. I hate finding spelling errors. Typing on the computer allows me to write without having my little annoying “quirks” harm my final product.

Also? There are various advantages to writing on a computer that are the icing on the cake for someone like me:

  1. Save and come back later – Because my ADD is a very short term thing. I may be writing right now and then start thinking of butterflies, rainbows and pandas and my thought process will be interrupted. On paper? My ADD would make me think that it was trash, throw it out and then lament it.
  2. It is SO much easier to just write on the computer and post to my blog. I would never post anything if I had to write it on paper, edit and then type it up.
  3. This is very related to number 2. I change my mind. A lot. Writing and posting (or even scheduling a post) is my final goodbye to that thought. I don’t go back and edit unless I find a spelling or grammar mistake or need to add or fix a link. If I had to type everything up after writing it? The edits would go on forever. I’d edit on paper, edit again while reading and edit again while typing. That? Doesn’t work. I’d just give up completely, because that’s what I do.
  4. I’m insecure. Writing and posting takes a lot of courage on my part. I’ve gotten to the point where I type it as I think it, lightly reread and post. That way? I don’t start doubting myself. I’m convinced that this blog is an exercise of therapy. Doing something I like to do for the sake of doing it. I don’t care if no one reads it. However, the possibility of people reading it is there, and I always get nervous about it. Having to write on paper and then type it up would be more of a journal. Things would not all get posted. I would never read them again. Heck, I’d probably not even finish a thought! My therapy would not be complete.

So, that’s basically it. I would much rather write on a computer, where my writing will get somewhere, than on paper, where it will probably most definitely end in the trash.

NaBloPoMo 2011


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