Some see the glass half empty…

Beautiful Sunset

I took this pic on a field in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico…  Some will quickly see the beautiful sunset.  Others will see the pretty green fields.  But most of us will see the huge pile of S#!T first…

Thought this would be a great analogy of life and how beautiful it can be if you look at it the right way.


Just a Friday

Weird saying “Just a Friday” when I’m writing this on a Saturday. But the picture was taken on Friday, so that’s why.

It’s kind of hard to write sometimes. So much is going on and yet, nothing’s really happening.

A picture is simpler, and it captures happy and interesting snippets so much better than I can describe them.

Now? I’m off with the husband. “Paseo” therapy. Just cruising around.

I hope you have a great day and a happy weekend. I’ll be around.



26 New Episodes!  Hurray for Dr. Zoidberg! Starting 2010.

I just wet my pants…

Ico for the PS2 System, is probably the best game ever conceived my mankind.  Is has also been the only game ever to make me cry.  It was beautiful, very elegantly build and with a great storyline.

Today, I see this.  And I am in awe.  I am a PS3 hater, but for this single game, I am willing to adopt that hideous George Foreman wannabe machine.

Watch the video, and have some dignity and watch it in HD (click the HD button on the player and enter full screen; stand up and put your hand in your heart and sing the national anthem of Japan while watching)

Article found here.

The world largest Cheetos meet the world’s most expensive keyboard

cheetosOK, this video is amazingly fun and sick.  And gross.  Take a look at the world’s largest Cheetos being eaten over the world’s most expensive keyboard: the Optimus Maximus, which costs $1589.99…  Seems the experience is something never to forget.

Link: The World’s Largest Cheetos

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