Some more love for the Guild…

Oh, I love this web show! It’s funny and smart, and dorky and has some totally lovable characters.

Here’s their new music video, Season 3 is starting soon!!! Watch them on Xbox Live,, and go to iTunes to purchase the song or video (I’m a fan, alright?! LOL!)

Here’s the video. I think it’s AWESOME! 🙂

Just for you…

The Simpsons Theme Song… A capella! LOL

The world largest Cheetos meet the world’s most expensive keyboard

cheetosOK, this video is amazingly fun and sick.  And gross.  Take a look at the world’s largest Cheetos being eaten over the world’s most expensive keyboard: the Optimus Maximus, which costs $1589.99…  Seems the experience is something never to forget.

Link: The World’s Largest Cheetos

Fun Video: America needs more heroes like these…

I ran into this news article about Breast Cancer prevention, and although Cancer is not a joke, this two little fellows are declared my American Heroes of the Year!

Enjoy their amazing quest for helping American women…  Watch the video and enjoy the best parts of it, including their website, and the special request at the end of the video.

They are trully genius masterminds!  WHY I DIDN’T THINK OF THIS FIRST!!!!!!!


Super Mario Adventures!

Nothing to say about this, other than it is fun. And cruel, and kind of nasty.

My “top” 10 Bad Talent Show Auditions

Ok, I must admit, I do love some reality TV. I’ve become hooked on some shows, while I can’t stand others.

Most of my real knowledge of most reality shows comes from watching The Soup every week. But, I’m a sucker for the audition shows. There are truly no words for some of them.

I’m sure that studies could be performed regarding how diluted a person can become. Of course, I love to sing. If you drive by me on the freeway on any given day, I may look like I’m performing to a stadium packed with adoring fans :o) but I know I could NEVER go on any talent show audition. I know that I can’t sing. Even if I daydream of doing it at some point. I know I can’t.

But what happens in the minds of people that go on shows like American Idol? Have they gone mad? Do they actually have friends that tell them “Go for it?”. As a matter of fact, these people must have the WORST friends ever!

Some of them obviously do it for the attention, and know they’ll never make it. Maybe they think they can get their 15 minutes of fame out of it, as there are many of us who LOVE those bad auditions…

But for some, it actually looks like they “think” they can make it. They look like their heart has been broken, like they would have NEVER expected to hear those “No’s”  from the judges. (Or hear them snickering and laughing in the background…)

Just think about it. The nerve and courage it takes to show up to one of those mass auditions… Being judged and taped and ogled by so many people… And then to hear that you stink. Wow. That sucks.

Having said that. I’m glad that people go to these auditions. Bad and good. Whether they do it for the 15 mins or whether they think they have a chance. They make for some very interesting television. Some very interesting commentary on the state of our society and well, they are fun!

So, here are my top 10. I’m sure that the list will grow and change. I’m also sure that you can think of others yourself (go ahead and share if you’d like!). But these are my current top 10 in no particular order. (Yes, no particular order, because they are all unique and special in their own way!)


iPhone Arm – The Best Accessory EVER!

Yes, we own an iPhone and is definitively, by far, the best piece of electronics we have ever had. Is trully amazing and has so many features that we can hardly put it down. It has become a necessity for me. So, this SUPER invention is exactly what I needed! Click on the image to see the Video Commercial and get yours today!


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