No Words Necessary.


The first full trailer – Eclipse

I love Victoria and Jane in this. Awesome. Truly awesome!

You know what I’ll be doing June 30!

Sneaky Peek…

It’s that time again. Twilight, anyone?

Eclipse!!! Teeny tiny sneak peek.

Tomorrow… Sigh!

Happy Valentine’s Day! – Twilight Mentioned

Well, yeah, yeah, it’s time to start again. Eclipse is coming. So, you know what to expect for a few months.

For Valentine’s day, just a couple of newly released Eclipse stills. Including… *GASP* Could it be THE Leg Hitch? You be the judge.

One More New Moon trailer post…

I won’t guarantee it will be the last!

I’ve kind of been slacking and owe myself a couple of cheery Vegas posts, so that will be coming soon…

For now, Enjoy Edward, Bella, JANE!!!, Alice, and the Volturi!!!

(OK, ok, enjoy Jacob and the wolves too)


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