GAME: The Rare Food Challenge

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has voted on our Survey of ‘Have you Eaten THIS!?‘ !!  The response has been very good and we have reached 42 million votes! (margin of error of +- 41.9999 million).  The polls will remain open till Saturday.

But, I decided to make a game to entertain you all while we finish the poll!  I present you the RARE FOODS CHALLENGE, Part I.  See how quick and accurate you can tag your favorite oddities!  This game is HARD and only a mastermind of evil like me could had developed such a painful punishment to your eyes and brain.


SURVEY: Have you eaten THIS?!!??



I was browsing thru the Tag Surfer, where I found a blog post by Jenty, who said she got it from Jane (who I cannot reach), but who cannot track back to whoever did the original, about a questionnaire regarding strange foods from the world.

Anyways, I decided to turn the questionnaire into a Survey to see what you guys know about world foods and to see if you have eaten some of them!

Next week, I will be posting the most popular foods, and then the least known ones, with some pictures and descriptions!  We will all learn, have fun and feel yucky all at the same time!



Poll: A Little Bird Told Me…

When I was a kid, I remember my mother always finding out every single one of my acts of evil, wether at school, church or around the neighborhood.  I remember I was so cautious when I was gonna make mischief, taking all sort of precautions to avoid been seen or heard…

But mom had an ally.  One that was far more powerful than my wits.  One with supernatural powers, and with stealth abilities that still the US Military has yet to match…