Fun Video: America needs more heroes like these…

I ran into this news article about Breast Cancer prevention, and although Cancer is not a joke, this two little fellows are declared my American Heroes of the Year!

Enjoy their amazing quest for helping American women…  Watch the video and enjoy the best parts of it, including their website, and the special request at the end of the video.

They are trully genius masterminds!  WHY I DIDN’T THINK OF THIS FIRST!!!!!!!


The Voyager’s Golden Record

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

We all have heard of the story that the Voyager Spacecraft, launched on 1977 had a Golden disc inside containing both encoded sounds and images of Earth, in case of an alien encounter they would learn about our existence and culture.  Although personally I think it was a very lame idea, and a waste of taxpayers money, I do find very exciting to know what actually was contained in those discs…