Some see the glass half empty…

Beautiful Sunset

I took this pic on a field in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico…  Some will quickly see the beautiful sunset.  Others will see the pretty green fields.  But most of us will see the huge pile of S#!T first…

Thought this would be a great analogy of life and how beautiful it can be if you look at it the right way.


Chocolate Chip Fail

FAIL! The Chocolate Chip Edition!  Visit Fail Blog to see many funny Failures images and videos.  Is a really funny and sad site!


I could go for a walk in the grass right now…

I just found a way to go for a walk in the grass, every day! Even if  it’s raining out or I have to work!

Thanks to Krispy Cream Doughnuts… (Yep, you read right)

We can all now go for a walk in the grass everyday. Just get yourself a pair of these awesome new flip flops!

Real Grass Flip Flops!

Real Grass Flip Flops!

They are said to last four months when taken care of…

So now we can all enjoy the feeling of cool grass beneath our feet, Thanks to Krispy Kreme!

For the whole story, click here: Weheartstuff

The Natural Pedicure

OK, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t do the beauty routine thing. I’m more kind of a natural girl. I wear makeup very seldomly and doing my nails is something I do myself… (When I do, My poor, poor husband!)

And pedicures, HA! Never! The only way I ever get a pedicure is when my mother offers and does my toe nails for me (I love you mommy!).

So, maybe this is the answer for me? I may just need to… Get a new pet?

The Natural Pedicure

The Natural Pedicure

Or maybe at least 10 pets? Interesting concept… Animals nibbling on your dead skin. How fun… I think.

And they say it tickles. Oh, really?

Read the story here: CNN

Cake Wrecks: The Anti-Wedding Cake

If I made a poll, chances are every single man in the world would consider this the perfect wedding cake. It is awesome!

Make sure you visit the Cake Wrecks site to see more horrible cakes. Beware, as some can be offensive.


Krispy Kreme bacon cheddar cheeseburgers

This must be the most horrible image I have ever seen. All of the wars of mankind cannot compare to the atrocity of this invention.

I want one. It seems cheaper than a gun, and quicker.

Via Flickr

Cake Article Removed: Replaced by picture of a Jerk

After a very stupid and aggressive request from Name Edited, the owner of the Star Wars cake. I decided to remove the article of his wonderful cake and replace it with an image of what I interpret the owner of the image to look like.   See? now he got proper credit for an image that is on 1,000,000 websites.



Additional Note:
The cake article that was removed included a link to the original article where the picture was found. This cake was made by Charm City Cakes (Yep, the Ace of Cakes) and can be viewed in NUMEROUS web sites. I will not name any of them now. Once a picture is that public, I usually link to the original article, and that’s that.
It amazes me that someone would be hostile about someone linking to an article from a personal blog, when the picture is obviously public domain already.
It was even a very nice, simple post in a personal blog.  I’m amazed that someone could be so upset about that.
My robot included the cake (He wants one) and he took it out and wrote this entry. I will not remove it, although I did remove the person’s name. Still, anyone who is interested will be able to find it. It’s actually pretty funny.
Oh, and if anyone was wondering… I do agree with my robot. He is a jerk.

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