Losing Weight. Really?

I think it really is about time.

Even before I started this diet, my body was already telling me it was ready. I was just ignoring it. I was craving more fruits and Veggies. I was dreading fast foods… I can’t say I was hating on chocolate, because, come on? WHO could hate on chocolate?! Please! But. I think I was ready.

I started this “diet” two weeks ago. And, honestly: 1. It hasn’t been that hard – My husband is awesome at being a great motivator and is dieting with me!, 2. I feel great.

I’ve lost 89.4 (my official weigh in is Monday!) pounds already. And even though that’s just really breaking the surface of how much I have left to go, it feels wonderful to actually see a difference in so little time.

In reality, I need this. Truth is, I need something that will help me feel like I can accomplish something and that can make me feel better. My husband is amazing, and when I’m with him, I feel empowered and strong even happy. But take him away and am back to being a bumbling mess. I need to get somewhere. Anywhere. And, what better way to feel better about myself than doing this. Now. So, here I am.

What I changed in the first two weeks:

1. I’m tracking calories. Keeping myself below my set goal (with the help of some iPhone apps, I love my iPhone)

2. Drinking tons of water. (And going to the bathroom WAAAAY too much because of it!)

3. Eating multiple times a day. I’m actually planning what I eat. That’s new for me! And making sure I have plenty of snacks throughout the day .

4. Bringing my lunch to work. This makes such a difference. I’m more likely to binge if I don’t have my meals with me.

5. Eating what I want. Last Friday, I felt like making carrot cake. I made half of my recipe with the cream cheese frosting and made cupcakes. And yes, I had one. BUT. Just one. I gave the others away. And I felt wonderful.

I still have a long way to go, plus, I have to add a lot more activity to my day. But, I’m not going to force myself and I’m not going to set huge deadlines either. I want this to work and I want this to be a lifetime change, so, those take time. Especially when there is so much other stuff I have to work on.

But, it’s a start. And I’m happy.


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