End of Week 4, Start of Week 5…

Hey! It’s been almost two weeks since my last update…

Since then, I’ve cheated a grand total of three (maybe counts as 5?) times.

  1. Had a Turkey Burger with Guacamole, Jalapeño cheese, veggies… HUGE and NOT healthy..
  2. Accompanied the Turkey burger monstrosity with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Monstrosity…

    Please do not judge me for HAVING to take a bite before taking the pic... I swear I shared it with my husband... 🙂

  3. It was a rough week, and our boss MADE us eat some of his chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting and whipped cream (no picture, but you can imagine the decadence!)
  4. On that same sad day, I had a REAL, full calorie, COKE. With some Pasta Carbonara. Yes… 
  5. And then, yesterday, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse and bought the Dessert Sampler… YEAH… that one… We ate… Apple Crisp with Ice Cream… AND! some of the Chocolate Stampede cake… JUST the cake… MUCH Smaller than pictured and HALF each… But, yeah, that doesn’t make much of a difference, I know…

So, yes… I’ve cheated…

But, you know what? I’m GLAD I did.

I want this to be a lifestyle change. Not just a quick fix to get me to a certain goal. I want to be able to LIVE and do it making as many good decisions as possible, while still remembering to HAVE FUN!

And my husband has been a GREAT support system. Knowing when to push me, and when to let me be. Just great.

So, Grand total weight loss at the end of 4 weeks?? Drum Roll please!

12.2 Pounds! (weighed on Friday!) Update on Monday, MY OFFICIAL weigh in day… 14, yes FOURTEEN pounds!!!!

I am beyond excited.

Still, my struggle is getting active. We’re wearing pedometers at work now, so I’m hoping to increase the amount of steps I take at least weekly, until I can come up with an exercise routine that will work for me… Right now…

So, here’s the pics. still a long way to go. But I FEEL different. Which is awesome.


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