Start of Week 3 – First pictures

I’m not going to post my weight, truly even I don’t like looking at that number. But, in order to keep myself more accountable, I am going to post pictures. I don’t know how often I will, I just think it’s good to do so that I can see any progress. Numbers don’t mean anything to me, but pictures do.

I’ve already lost 8 make that 9.4! pounds. and as crazy as it sounds, I can already see a difference. I say it sounds crazy because I’ve got a LOT of weight to lose. So I didn’t think I’d see 8 9.4! pounds. But, alas, I have. And my husband, God bless him, says he sees a difference too. So…

I’m not even posting my face… 🙂

So, here’s the ugly truth.

Start of week 3, my actual before (hopefully) – 89.4! pounds.

I’ve been blessed with a smaller waist. But that means that my hips/legs/arms have always been huge. I could post more, but I’m keeping those two. The most horrible thing about the pics? I’ve got a gut! A double gut, which is even worse. I’m hoping to be able to get rid of that soon. Activity, yeah, crunches are in my immediate future.


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