Coming soon…

The story of my mini vacation….

So much to say!

Let’s give you an abridged version of what to expect…

Concert, awesome husband, Gorgeous Inn, awesome husband, Theater, awesome husband, Hair Salon, awesome husband, Great Lunch, Awesome Husband, GIFTS!, Awesome Husband, Movie, Awesome Husband.

Yes, that about sums it up quite nicely… No?

How about, IncredibleIcan’tbelieveit’smepictures, AWESOME HUSBAND?!

That enough for you?!

No more sneaky peeks! All three of you will just have to wait… 🙂


Just a few quick thoughts…

I’ve been in a funk for a while. Even though I try to stay positive, every day is a battle.

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband that is there for me and does so many little things to make me smile and make it easier (Just ONE example, he bought tickets to take me to a concert that he wouldn’t go to otherwise – JUST for me). But days are long, times are rough, and getting rougher…

And this week, has been proof of how a couple of hours on a seemingly normal day can change so much…

They can make you ache and hurt for good friends… Trying to handle the fact that even though you won’t see them everyday anymore (and their loss in those days will be felt GREATLY) they’ll still be there for you. And they’ll… incredibly… be worried about YOU when their whole world is changing…

They can remove a stress and a burden SO great that you realize it was changing your view on the world… bit by bit everyday. The intense sense of relief is insane. And only belittled by the sense of loss and uncertainty that still looms

And you survive. A bit more broken. A huge burden removed, many little stresses added. And you sit. And you breathe. And you dream.

And then.

You come home. (In this case me, but, you know, I veered off course, so, I’ll keep it)

And your husband… The guy who knows you like no other…

Brings home deliciousness in a wrapper.

Yes, I’m that easy. My stress, my pain, my tears, got put on the back burner. FOR A DARK CHOCOLATE PEEPS!

And, yes, honey, as I said before, they are just a little over 100 calories, so, I think I can manage to snack on them while still on my diet.

And there are a few more weeks until Easter… 🙂

It’s love, people. It’s true love.

And, yes, the pain is still there. The relief is as well. So, day to day. No fear allowed.

April 15

Me+Myhusband+Axl = 13 year old Mari would be SO impressed and happy… LOL!