It’s so sad when it ends.

I will have to write a post later just to share the joy that was my Vegas Vacation. I’m just so sad to see it end 😥 But, of course, life goes on.

My legs are sore and I’m totally tired. But it was fun, it was more than fun. It was a getaway we needed to forget our worries, spend a little more money than we ought to and spend some wonderful quality time together.

Now back to the grind! Thanks to those of you who followed along with us. I loved staying a bit connected and seeing all the lovely comments.

Just a little shameless plug!

My husband has been working on an iPhone game for a while now. It’s done!



I am totally biased, but I think it’s a great game! I’ll let you know when it’s available on iTunes!

GAME: The Rare Food Challenge

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has voted on our Survey of ‘Have you Eaten THIS!?‘ !!  The response has been very good and we have reached 42 million votes! (margin of error of +- 41.9999 million).  The polls will remain open till Saturday.

But, I decided to make a game to entertain you all while we finish the poll!  I present you the RARE FOODS CHALLENGE, Part I.  See how quick and accurate you can tag your favorite oddities!  This game is HARD and only a mastermind of evil like me could had developed such a painful punishment to your eyes and brain.