I went to Disneyland this weekend…

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Chrysallys (Jennifer) for taking me to Disneyland this weekend!

Chrysallys is a good friend from the Nest (TTC 6+ Board) who actually took the time to make an AMAZING photoshopped image of all (or most) of the board members, ironed it on a shirt and ACTUALLY took us with her to Disneyland!

If I have learned anything from visiting that board is that it is filled with wonderful, beautiful women. Women that actually take the time to care for someone else (they’ve never met!) and make a difference in that person’s life. I feel blessed to have found them and am humbled by their awesomeness…

This is the image that was ironed on…

TTC 6+ Goes to Disneyland!

And this is Jennifer!

AWESOME Chrysallys!

Thank you for such an awesome gift, Jennifer. You are very talented!!! So, all of you out there, beware of where the TTC 6+ girls will show up next!

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