Some see the glass half empty…

Beautiful Sunset

I took this pic on a field in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico…  Some will quickly see the beautiful sunset.  Others will see the pretty green fields.  But most of us will see the huge pile of S#!T first…

Thought this would be a great analogy of life and how beautiful it can be if you look at it the right way.



The Beauty of Sport

Olympic Heroes

Olympic Heroes

Olympians are in my opinion the most beautiful display of the human body, will and spirit.  I can see in them such an elegance and fine tuning of the physical body that they remind me those Greek gods, or a fine tuned exotic car.

But, even more beautiful images come from the Special Olympics, where achievements are even greater, where we see so many people who normally we would consider to be confined or limited, become free and reach towards a greatness level that is way over what most of us could only dream of. During those days, they are center stage, they are protagonists, they are greatness…

It is a shame that such a wonderful even is not covered by the media at all.  They spent millions travelling to China for 2 weeks and broadcasting almost 24 hours a day the Olympics, but could not spare a couple of extra days to document these other games, which are in my opinion as important in every aspect.

These Champions deserve better, and for them I post this link with beautiful pictures of the World’s Greatest.