The Voyager’s Golden Record

Courtesy of NASA

Courtesy of NASA

We all have heard of the story that the Voyager Spacecraft, launched on 1977 had a Golden disc inside containing both encoded sounds and images of Earth, in case of an alien encounter they would learn about our existence and culture.  Although personally I think it was a very lame idea, and a waste of taxpayers money, I do find very exciting to know what actually was contained in those discs…


The Robot was here!

Yes, I’m sooo happy that my robot was here. It means I can finally come clean. Just blurt out the truth so all of the world knows…
I LOVE Robots!

Yes, I love robots. Not only that. I’m IN LOVE with a robot. And, the robot loves me! He actually made a visit to my blog and made it pretty! I love it! (If you haven’t met him, well, meet my Husband!)

I guess I’m into robots. I love the Roomba and the Scooba, I love my killer robot, and I also LOVE Wall-e! It’s a wonderful movie with many positive messages and an interesting commentary on what the world could be. If we keep messing it up. It was refreshing and also, incredibly beautiful.

Wall-e and Eve!

A love story with robots. How perfect is that?!

The Robot Was Here

The Killer Robot

The Killer Robot

This site has been invaded by Robots and given a facelift.  If The Robot could feel, he would say he loves Mariluh a lot.  But, unfortunately I only have a small blinking light that says ‘Do not Kill’.  That will have to do.

It is very good to see that meaty life form finally embracing technology and gathering posts and friends around the world.

Congrats on your Blog, Ms. Mariluh.

Oh, and the Organic Life Form in the page header is Mariluh.  Enjoy her, while you can!