We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you…

The new Eclipse Trailer!

Let’s see how long this link stays up, still, let’s watch and sigh, ok?

I’ve been sick, so the uberly romantic sappy story of my mini-vacation has been delayed. Don’t worry, it’ll be up soon…

Now, Watch! I updated the link… 🙂


April is…

The month I get to see Guns N Roses live!

The start of the second quarter at work… The quarter when we find out if we make it or not. I hope they don’t push it back again. Even though I love having a job, not knowing isn’t great, the suspense is killing me.

The month that started with two days off work. How could any month be better?

I’ve been baking. ’cause I love to…

Spending time with my husband, ’cause I love it and it keeps me sane… And just hanging… 🙂

I’ve also been reading and following waaaaaay too many excellent mommy blogs, yes, because I need a little extra torture each day…

And, of course, who can forget… I’ve been looking forward to and checking up on Eclipse! June 30. My BFF isn’t coming with me, because she’s decided to leave, but, me and my little sis will have ourselves some fun seeing… Click on the pics to see them a bit larger…

I love the Cullen family picture… (can someone locate the WEIRDEST hair ever? 🙂 )

Oh, and after almost three movies, we can safely say that movie Alice is not as fashionable as BOOK Alice. Book Alice would NEVER let her family out on the street in those clothes, and don’t even mention that she wouldn’t be caught dead in half the outfits either. Oh, and of course, she would never let her husband/boyfriend look SO BAD!

So, if there is such a thing as a Chill Pill I need it… and soon… sometimes, it’s bad.

Just because I like to keep you informed of all things Twilight

Yes, all 3 of you. 🙂 (DO NOT laugh at me for insinuating that 3 people read my blog, OK? A girl CAN dream. And will.)

I find it my duty to share with you these awesome good weird interesting unexpected NEWS! Yes, that’s it, just news.

As I read today on Twitter, when you hear the news about Stephenie Meyer releasing a Twilight-Related book, I’m sure (if you’re a fan – if you’re not, you should have stopped reading after the title, I mean, come on – it’s clearly stated in the tittle – Twilight – What else do you expect from me?) you always drool over the idea of finally having Midnight Sun see the light. Just a sidenote, if you’re a Twilight Fan and you haven’t read Midnight Sun. Please, first, kick yourself repeatedly, click on the link and do NOT come back until you’ve read ALL of Edward’s POV yummyness. You’ll come back to thank me, I’m sure (and if you don’t, I’ll figure that you’re in some Edward induced comma and understand, I will, I promise).

Ok, so yes, there was a point to this post, and I must be getting to it, like now, right?

Yes. Stephenie Meyer DID announce today that she WILL be releasing a Twilight related novella on June 05. Not only that, but it will be available for FREE, online or you can buy a hardcopy from which $1 will be donated to the Red Cross. But, of course, the novella… yes… The excitement! The wonder!

The short second life of BREE TANNER?! WTF!

The WHOTHEHELLWASBREEAGAIN? of it all is amazing! I mean, EVEN if you’ve read the books. I’m sure you immediately thought… Yes, of course Bree! I mean, sure? I speak about Twilight CONSTANTLY with my BFF (Hey, Z!) and truly, I get annoyed at her over Twilight more often than I would care to admit to. But, EVEN I, couldn’t blame her for asking me “Who’s Bree?” and after I told her… She said, “I STILL DON’T REMEMBER!”. Ok, so maybe my BFF needs to stop being BFF and just stick to BF, huh? (just kidding, Z)

In all honesty, if you don’t remember Bree, you’re not alone. And just because I’ve read the series a MILLION times, I will tell you. Bree is the newborn that the Cullens TRIED to save. She surrendered during the Newborn War. But, of course, in came Jane and it was the end for Bree. But, well, it seems that she was interesting enough to get her own novella even when poor Edward doesn’t get to finish telling his story. (ME? Bitter much? Nah?!)

So, the story will tell us about Victoria and the Newborns in Seattle, the part of the story that no one cared knew about because Bella had no way of knowing…

Yes, because when we dream of additional Twilight books, the first side character to come to our minds is Bree. Yes. Ok, ok, I’ll stop being a jerk.

Truth is. I’ll read it. I probably will even buy the thing, just so I can add it to my collection. Yes, my name is Mariluh (kind of?) and I’m addicted to Twilight. As if my blog wasn’t proof enough.

No Words Necessary.


The first full trailer – Eclipse

I love Victoria and Jane in this. Awesome. Truly awesome!

You know what I’ll be doing June 30!

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