You must have known this was coming…

I was on vacation, but not dead! There is no way that I’m not going to add the new New Moon trailer to my blog, come on! I’m beyond excited for this movie to come out!!!

I must figure out when I’m going to see it…


It’s so sad when it ends.

I will have to write a post later just to share the joy that was my Vegas Vacation. I’m just so sad to see it end 😥 But, of course, life goes on.

My legs are sore and I’m totally tired. But it was fun, it was more than fun. It was a getaway we needed to forget our worries, spend a little more money than we ought to and spend some wonderful quality time together.

Now back to the grind! Thanks to those of you who followed along with us. I loved staying a bit connected and seeing all the lovely comments.